February 23, 2024


Wanna Go Topless

Brake Caliper Beautification!

I couldn’t resist buying something for my car when I saw it at the auto parts store. It was starring at me with a tempting smile, and I couldn’t help but greedily grab the red caliper paint can. I needed a couple days to paint all the calipers since I was doing it after work. Here is the rear passenger side which is what the rear driver side looked like before I got started…ewwwwww  nasty, dirty, gelfling!!!!

Bringing the RED!

I cleaned the brake assembly by removing the rear wheel and using brake cleaner and a rag. I worked outside as the sun was setting beautifully. I covered the areas that didn’t need paint with shopping bags (cuz recycle, reuse, right!?) and painters tape. I applied around 5 coats of red caliper paint from Duplicolor, but I didn’t keep count, I just went by how it looked and did what Miata do and winged it!

Cleaning up my act!

I undertook the task of meticulously cleaning the wheels, while they were taken off. I was astounded by the amount of dust and grime that had accumulated over time. It was quite unsightly and would have done no justice to the beautifully painted calipers.

Taking advantage of the wheel’s absence, I diligently washed it between coats of paint that I was applying to the caliper.

The cleanliness of the wheel not only enhanced the visual appeal of the entire setup but might or might not have also contributed to +30 hp for dirt wight reduction, right ?

Here it is all done!  Looks good!!!