1992 Toyota Paseo project

Background:  Chevy Manchester was looking for a car, not necessarily a project car, and set a budget.  Within the price range were a few possibilities and she decided on she liked the way the Paseo looked.  She picked on out a 1992 Toyota Paseo and bought it.   The car is a lower price range car with 230k miles.  It’s basic transportation with a few things that need to be done. I liken it to my 94 Miata at the start except the Paseo runs fine.

Chevy Manchester is my daughter.   She is an artist. Artists see the world differently than us non-artists.  They see colors, shapes and forms where we see function alone. What I see as  basic transportation that could use a couple of things she sees as blank canvas.  When an artist meets a blank canvas cool things begin to happen.

She decided to paint the hood,   but this is not just an ordinary flat black  like a lot of people doing to imports these days.  No, the artists doesn’t just paint.  The artist creates!

Check out the pics below for before and after the first coat.

1992 Toyota Paseo
Before the stripe
After the stripe

I think the stripe looks pretty good now and will look even better when it is finished.  What we have here looks like a typical flat black stripe but it is much more!  Chevy has decided to use Chalkboard paint for this and after a few more coats it will be covered perfectly and ready to write on with chalk!  She plans to carry chalk in the car so there will be pictures of the creations.

This will truly be a mobile canvas for an artist!


-> Update 4-2013:

The entire has been turned into a chalkboard!

No touchy…still wet

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