July 25, 2024


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1992 Toyota Paseo project – Update 2

(from the archives)

1992 Toyota Paseo is Sold!

The 1992 Toyota Paseo project car has undergone some changes since Chevy Manchester purchased it in January.  During the almost 6 months she has owned the car the only thing she actually did was the Seafoam cleaning induced via the brake booster.  It made a really nice smoke cloud, choking out the neighborhood briefly!  Chevy also painted the hood with black chalkboard paint.  This 1992 Toyota Paseo project car went over pretty well at the car shows!
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There have been further developments in Chevy Manchester’s car ventures.  She has purchased a 1993 Honda Del Sol.  The 1993 Honda Del Sol is an exciting car.  The Del Sol is known for its unique design which featuring a removable aluminum targa top and power rear window that allows for an open-air driving experience.  The Honda Del Sol is based on the Honda Civic and had around 160 hp.
Chevy gave the new acquisition a much-needed washing which  is a great way to start the ownership experience and to learn the manual transmission.