Showing some love – Prepping a bumper

I bought this Miata with blemishes an all.  It was time to start giving it some love back.  I have begun to prep the car for eventual paint.  You can see below this rear bumper cover had been repainted before me.  Time to sand that down and cover that up!



A little time with some sandpaper, water, and a rattle can yielded this:  No, not the license plate cover up, although it looked like I used WhiteOut there!



1993 Honda Del Sol Si Has gone to a new home!


The time had come.  After having the Del Sol Si for 6 Months it is off to a new home.  In that time the Chevy colored the brake calipers and dipped the wheels Anthracite with some Metalizer flakes.  It was a car she had lusted to have for 8 years.  During it’s time with her, she gave it dipped wheels, new rear struts and a new injector.

It is time for a new project!!  Coming soon it is … a 2000 Toyota ……  Nah you have to wait for that!


That however allows for a new project car to come join us.  Stay tuned for information on that one as work has already begun!

A little something on the sides.


Wax and Tar Remover


 I Had a little more time and decided to experiment with blacking out the door handles.  I cleaned the area with Rust- Oleum Wax and Tar Remover then masked it off and went to town.

To properly clean with this, rub it on and wipe it off then go back over with a  clean soft towel to make sure you get any lifted contaminants.








Next, I masked off a wide area around the door handles.  The material I am using to cover in black is removable and peel-able.   It is best to over spray around the area then peel the unneeded areas.  Looks ugly doesn’t it?  The over spray area will peel off easily if you apply about 5 coats of material making the last coat or two pretty wet and heavy.  I let each coat dry about 15 minutes. Why use this material?  If I did not like the look I can reverse it with a simple peel it off as opposed to actually paining it.  So far I like it!


Handles Masked off


Once dried I was able to remove the masking and peel the over spray.  It tore neatly along the edge around the door handle.  Any remaining over spray wipes off with a microfiber cloth.  This will dry fully in a bout 4-6 hours depending on heat and moisture and fully cure in 1-2 weeks.  Handles are pretty hard to do because getting behind the actual handle is tough if not impossible.   This creates an area that after repeated use the material will starts to roll and peel a little from under the handle where your fingers grab it. 

Handles completed

We have come up with a couple of tricks to help this that I will be applying to the Miata soon.   For now this was just a rough draft to get an idea of the look.  It covered the chrome nicely!!